What is the CreativeTech Hunt?

What is the CreativeTech Hunt?

This Fall, 657 Oslo will embark on a mission to demystify creative technology and show why it will be the next big movement within the investment scene and global economy. Since becoming a hub for the creative industry back in 2012, 657 Oslo has seen significant growth in Norway’s CreativeTech industry and is excited to discover the most innovative Norwegian ventures on the nationwide CreativeTech Hunt tour.

We’re in search of the most promising CreativeTech startups in Norway. The companies that are embracing technology, to advance the fields of gaming, music, publishing, marketing & advertising, TV, film, photography, architecture, design, fashion, and the arts.

657 Oslo will host local competitions for CreativeTech Hunt in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim, and Tromsø. Stand-out ventures from each city will be showcased to corporate partners, investors and the startup community. Eight lucky finalists will be invited to compete at the national conference in Oslo early 2020.


What is CreativeTech?

When you combine the creative industries, for example, advertising and marketing, music, movies and TV, gaming, publishing, architecture, design and fashion, with technologies that allow scalable models, “CreativeTech” is born.

CreativeTech is the integration of the human mind, creativity and technology. It isn’t a trend that’s going away. It’s the future of work. Public and private organizations will need to keep on top of developments to grow and compete.

For CreativeTech Hunt, we will be seeking creative startups that use technology as an important driver in their offering. Gamification is just one example of a technology that is used in a variety of fields to extend their reach and increase impact.


Why is CreativeTech important for Norway?

Around the world creative industries are now seen as essential to growth in a modern economy. In the UK, for example, creative industries grow twice as much as the rest of their economy and are considered a key competitive advantage. In Australia creative industries are growing 40 percent faster than the nation’s overall economy.

In Norway, there has been a big focus on early stage companies within FinTech, PropTech and tech impact. These are the areas that have been attracting investment, but now is the time to shift some of the focus to the exciting untapped opportunities with CreativeTech. This is the industry that will guide the future of work.


How do startups qualify to compete in CreativeTech Hunt?

Your company’s product or service should be launched in the market. Your company must be with the creative industries sector, or creativity should be core to how you run your business and develop your product (convince us!).

For more information and the application, visit http://www.657.no/creative-tech-hunt/


Why should my CreativeTech startup participate? 

When you compete in CreativeTech Hunt, your startup will have an opportunity to:

  • Pitch in front of corporate partners, investors and the community
  • Meet with partners and benefit from their services for startups
  • Be introduced to the 657 Oslo national network
  • Be selected as one of the Most Promising CreativeTech Startups in Norway with a chance to compete   at the final event in Oslo
  • Compete to win the CreativeTech Hunt Award


Who is 657? 






657 Oslo is Norway’s largest coworking space for creative entrepreneurs and a creative hub in central Oslo since 2012. We house more than 220 creative entrepreneurs and 70 companies. In addition to being a central player in the startup ecosystem in Oslo, and helping the companies in our space to grow, our even bigger mission is to promote the creative industries in Norway. This year, we won the title as Best Coworking Space in the Nordics, in competition with the national winners in all the Nordic countries.

And why is it that our hearts beat a bit stronger for the creative minds and creative tech? It’s because the cofounders of 657 Oslo all have founded and led creative agencies. We strongly believe that design and communications play a very important role in the success of any business.

CreativeTech Hunt is one of the ways we are building a go-to-market arena where companies and people in these companies, startups, creatives, industry experts, and corporate partners can collaborate to drive innovation and growth.