VIRKE signs on as partner in Creative Tech Hunt

This fall, Virke joins 657 Oslo, Norway’s first and largest co-working space for the creative industries, on a multi-city tour to showcase the creative industries and provide dynamic CreativeTech startups a platform to connect with corporates, investors, and the startup ecosystem at large. Virke is Norway’s enterprise federation which organizes and represents more than 250 000 employees in 21 000 businesses, has joined Creative Tech Hunt as a partner. Virke mainly represents the trade and services industry.

“We are excited to take part on the tour and look forward to being inspired by the many small and innovative companies that are creating the future of work in Norway. These companies are where real job creation is taking place,” says Virke CEO, Ivar Horneland Kristensen, who says the partnership is part of Virke’s efforts to develop even better services for startups and new industries:


“The ambition and mission behind Creative Tech Hunt correlate perfectly with Virke’s.”


Building a Norwegian CreativeTech industry

A large proportion of Virke’s members are small and medium sized businesses, with an average of 11 employees. This is why it is one of Virke’s primary goals to effect better growth conditions for startups and new industries. An important strategy is to connect with industry clusters and coworking spaces with their concentration of knowledge and capital:


“We have seen the great part places like 657 Oslo play in developing businesses and entire industries in Norway. In turn, this work is also important to help larger companies transform. We need a powerful political framework to help companies succeed at home before they go global,” says Horneland Kristensen.


Virke already offers a range of services geared towards the entrepreneur segment, including legal and employer services that have been valuable to many startups. Now, they want more companies to understand the relevance of these services earlier in their growth process. Virke’s Creative Tech Hunt partnership reflects the organization’s increased emphasis on understanding the Norwegian startup and scaleup sector in general, and CreativeTech in particular.

“At Virke, we are pretty good at telling companies what we offer. But we want to get better at asking them what they need. Creative Tech Hunt will allow us to get in touch with and tailor entry-level services for the startup segment,” says Horneland Kristensen.

“For us, this is a strategic involvement. We want to work in closer proximity to coworking spaces, clusters and their affiliated companies to become more relevant for new categories of companies and to develop better services.”


Helping born global companies go global

Having been a part of several official Norwegian delegations to countries like China, Horneland Kristensen has observed keener global interest for creative industry exports, and says Virke is eager to help funnel funding towards sectors with great, future potential – such as CreativeTech:

«What is happening in places like 657 Oslo and with projects like Creative Tech Hunt defines how well Norway will do in the future. These companies’ creativity will replace legacy companies. It is our goal to see these companies grow from and out of Norway.”




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