Welcome to 657 Studio

657 Studio is a photography and film studio located in the heart of Oslo. The studio is part of Norway’s biggest co-working space for creative industries, 657 Oslo, and is situated in a charming old building at Fredensborgveien 24.

Free WiFi

Full kitchen

Natural light

Studio hire

657 Studio is on the 1st floor, with good lighting conditions and a comfortable atmosphere. Hiring a studio should be a pleasant experience, which is why we offer a kitchen, dining/meeting table, lounge and free WiFi.

The studio

The room has an area of approximately 30 square metres and features a delightful arched ceiling, 2 beautiful windows that ensure plenty of daylight, and a 3.55 m background in white and grey. The kitchen is black with black counter tops, is equipped with all kitchenware you might need.


If you need any photography equipment, just let us know beforehand and we will make the arrangements.

Half day

Photo editorial NOK 1500
Photo commercial NOK 2000
Filming NOK 3000

Full day

Photo editorial NOK 2500

Photo commercial NOK 3000

Filming NOK 5000

Studio dimensions

Length: 7 m
Width:  5 m
Ceiling height 2.8 m (arched ceiling)

Between 17:00-21:00 NOK 500 per hour commenced.
Between 21:00-07:00 NOK 750 per hour commenced.
Between 07:00-17:00 NOK 500 per hour commenced.

A full day is from 08:00 until 16:00.
Weekend premium 20%
All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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Happy to announce our partnership with Bergen Works, as well as our national collaboration with Work-Work, Innovation Dock and FLOW Coworking. Looking forward to paving the road for all our coworkers and startups around the country!


Fredensborgveien 24D
0177 Oslo, Norway