What will it take to scale up and take your business to the next level? Let’s find out.

657 SCALE is tailored for startups and corporates who want to innovate through clear growth and sales strategies for effective successful market launch.


Based on experience with growth companies’ needs in the market launch phase, 657 OSLO go-to-market concept 657 SCALE is now being tailored to startups and corporates who want to innovate through similar types of growth strategies. In short, we are conceptualizing what we have already done for many years, namely offering startups and start-ins (corporate startups) the services that are relevant in the scaling phase. This spans from insightful foundation, positioning and concept development, brand and communication strategy w/ principle sketches, hypothesis testing and verification, market adaptation, pricing strategy, sales training and management, recruitment & coaching, channel selection and tracking.


Now, combining our competencies, we offer a very wide range of specialized go-to-market services. In addition, we can benefit from housing 225 people working within graphic design, art direction, branding, social media, marketing, journalism, content production, photography, web development, programming, app development, film, music, animation, motion graphics, etc. Done right, this will accelerate companies and help them succeed in their markets. 657 also offers an international network and collaboration with several US landing sites for companies that are going to scale internationally.

Anniken Fjelberg

Co-founder & Chair

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Camilla Watz Johannessen


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Preben Sander

Partner & business development

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Companies like No Isolation, Foodora, Oslo Business Forum and Vibbio are all startups that have had success with their growth while being members at 657. TINE has also been a part of 657 for a long time while developing several new business areas. They experience the environment as attractive due to good access on an exciting network and high level of expertise in the various phases a startup is going through in different growth phases. In large-scale companies, it’s important to get out of your own house in an early phase of the projects so as not to get too much colored by our existing environment and to get new impetus. This is especially true when working on projects that go beyond the core business. TINE has therefore utilized the expertise of 657, including conceptualization of new business areas, which contributed to an efficient process in a critical phase of the project.


657 Oslo was founded in 2012 and is Norway’s largest coworking space for creative industry, with 225 members in over 110 companies. 657 Oslo offers both offices and a highly-facilitated environment for growth companies and entrepreneurs. We support our members and customers through professional consultancy, networking, facilitation of interdisciplinary cooperation and mentoring services. 657 is responsible for organizing the global launch-ups Creative Business Cup each year, and has also initiated a national collaboration between coworking spaces to strengthen creative industry nationwide through partners such as Work-Work (Trondheim), Bergen Works (Bergen), Flow (Tromsø) and Innovation Dock (Stavanger). 657 Oslo is privately owned and operated by the founders. This makes 657 a national network of creative and innovative people – a network that is highly entrepreneurial.


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