At 657 Oslo you have access to a wide range of businesses within the creative and communication industries, and we handle all kinds of creative jobs. If you have a need for our competence, get in touch with Anniken Fjelberg or Victoria Bencsik.


For startups, 657 Oslo is a great place to be in the “go-to-market”-phase. You will get introduced to a skilful community of expertise within branding, business development, marketing, digital tools, strategy and more.

Architecture & Industrial Design

Idéflater (Office solutions)

Physical (Industrial & product design)

Pivot (Industrial & product design)

Fashion & Wearables

Graphic Design & Art Direction

Branding & Strategy

Social Media & Marketing

Copywriting & Journalism

 Komodo (Copywriting)

Kjetil Lorentzen Kiran (Translation)

Simon Walker (English Creative Copywriting)

Superblaise (Journalistic content marketing)

Web developement & Programming

Alpakka Grande (Front-end, design)

Beining & Bogen (Front-end, App)

Gravity Assist (Front-end, back-end)

Jerry & Conrad (Front-end, back-end, design)

Nornir (Front-end, back-end, IoT)

Komodo (Front-end, back-end, design)

App development

Technology & Science

Nornir (Smartcity, blockchain & semantic web)

Film & Music

CPH Film Company (Documentary)

Indielux (Production)

Sponsorfilm (Sponsor vignettes)

Animation & Motion Graphics

Imaginary Studio (VFX & Motion Graphics)

Nornir (Animation)

Tilnærmet Lik (Animation)


Disruptive innovation

Event, Food & Travel

Nanook (Experience)

Professional development, Courses & Training

Agenda Karriere AS (Career advisor)

Antje – Kurs og foredrag (Courses & talks)

Aiesec (Young leadership development)

For.Andre (Communication training)

Prospera Stiftelsen (Pro bono intermediary)

Consultancy & Project Management


Corporate Innovation Partner

You need more than good technology and friendly pilot customers the day your startup is ready to launch in the big cold marketplace. This is why we are offering top notch go-to-market services at 657 SCALE.

Fredensborgveien 24D
0177 Oslo, Norway