At 657 Oslo you have access to a wide range of businesses within the creative and communication industries, and we handle all kinds of creative jobs. If you have a need for our competence, get in touch with Camilla Watz.


For startups, 657 Oslo is a great place to be in the “go-to-market”-phase. You will get introduced to a skilful community of expertise within branding, business development, marketing, digital tools, strategy and more.

Architecture & Industrial Design

Idéflater (Office solutions)

Pivot (Industrial & product design)

Minoko (Industrial & product design)

Fashion & Wearables

Graphic Design & Art Direction

Branding & Strategy

Social Media & Marketing

Copywriting & Journalism

 Komodo (Copywriting)

Superblaise (Journalistic content marketing)

Siri Elise Dybdal (Freelance journalist)

Web developement & Programming

Alpakka Grande (Front-end, design)

Beining & Bogen (Front-end, App)

Gravity Assist (Front-end, back-end)

Komodo (Front-end, back-end, design)

Jerry & Conrad (Front-end, back-end, design)


App development

Technology & Science

Film & Music

CPH Film Company (Documentary)

Alpakka Grande (Front-end, design)


Disruptive innovation


Event, Food & Travel

Professional development, Courses & Training

Agenda Karriere AS (Career advisor)

For.Andre (Communication training)

Consultancy & Project Management


Corporate Innovation Partner

- We have a very good startup culture in Norway. What we lack is attitude, being tougher, and being able to pull our companies longer 💪🏼 @andersbrandt @ide_kapital @InnovasjonNorge #innovasjonstalen2019

Fredensborgveien 24D
0177 Oslo, Norway