FJONG’s digital closet scales to new markets

CreativeTech platform FJONG is transforming the way people think about and wear clothing. The company’s digital closet enables women to share and rent new and vintage designer clothing for daily use and special occasions.

Competing hard against the highly polluting fast fashion industry, co-founder Sigrun Syverud has developed a scalable community of engaged customers and is leveraging technology to personalize their experience.

“The fashion industry is not sustainable. Most women have 359 items hanging in their closets on average, but a third of it goes unused. We want people to stop buying and start renting more,” says Syverud, adding that it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce just one t-shirt, equivalent to what a person drinks in two years.

Her message has resonated quickly with consumers, but it has taken a while for Norwegian investors to catch on. To get things moving in FJONG’s early days, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign that doubled the record for crowdfunding in Norway.

“In the beginning, investors didn’t take us seriously. We proved that there was a lot of interest and that we are building a community. Now we have a lot of requests from investors in Norway and internationally that want to get involved,” says Syverud who co-founded the company in 2016.

As FJONG looks to scale and expand in new markets, the company also is developing a subscription service to go beyond the one-off rentals for specific occasions. Like a Spotify for fashion, the service will personalize recommendations and deliver to customers’ doorsteps.

“Technology enables us to track consumer behavior and use the data to make recommendations,” she says. “But creativity comes first for us. Technology on its own has no purpose and doesn’t solve any problems.”

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