We are definitely creative in this country

“If you speak to investors in general and you say you work in the creative industries, they almost ignore you, like, they think ‘where is the money in that?’ But if you do the same in the Los Angeles, they don’t think that for a second, because they understand the value of these markets,” says Kimberly Larsen.


With 20 years of experience from the creative industries as an actor, journalist, host, director, producer and now founder of the global showcase and hiring platform timetoRIOT.com, Larsen knows what she is talking about.

Driven by her own frustration and experiences in the TV, film & entertainment industry, Larsen was compelled to make life easier for others in the industry by connecting talent with opportunity. Using machine learning, she founded the CreativeTech company timetoRIOT to solve the problem of hiring and related problems that freelancers face.

“People often ask how we define the creative industries, and there are many sectors that go under the creative industries umbrella,” says Larsen, referring to film, photography, music, gaming and design, architecture, TV & radio, publishing, marketing and visual & performing arts.

“We have never consumed, produced or needed more creative content than we do today. We are definitely creative in this country”, explains Larsen, adding that Scandinavians produce more content per capita than any other place in the world. 

When asked about the role creativity plays in the integration of new technology, Larsen emphasizes, “You can be creative without tech, but you can’t use tech without being creative.”

Her observations align with recent studies that conclude our future economy will be built on creativity and technology. With AI taking over routine tasks, people who are able to combine creative, technical and social skills will have a lot of opportunities.

 657 Oslo is on the look-out for these forward-thinking entrepreneurs and their startups. We are touring the country this fall to find the most promising CreativeTech companies in Norway. 


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